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Non-destructive inspection

Trouble-free operation for your equipment

We offer a service for the inspection of oil and gas equipment both in base conditions and in the field. We inspect handling tools, drill pipes and X-overs, emergency (fishing) tools, casing strings and elements of BHA, tubing, liners and float assemblies. Insepction is carried out according to the DS-1, API RP7G-2 standard.

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The importance of inspections

Regular inspection and maintenance of drilling equipment is crucial for the oil and gas industry. With the help of timely inspection, we extend the service life of the equipment and ensure maximum safety.

Key points

Applied methods:

  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Visual inspection
  • Measuring inspection


  • The inspection is carried out both at the base and with a visit to the customer’s site
  • Efficiency of execution of applications
  • Availability of modern means of control corresponding to both Kazakh and foreign methods of control
  • Inspection is carried out according to the DS-1 standard, API RP7G-2

Cooperation based
on mutual respect

We are trusted by the largest oil companies in Kazakhstan and the world

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