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Casing and tubing running services

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We provide engineering support for make-up and running of casing and tubing with a diameter of 30” to 2-3/8” using a casing running system (CRT) from manufacturers Volant and DrawWorks.

We work on onshore and offshore drilling platforms using the most modern equipment of all types and classes.

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TRS jobs

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Total length of
casing and tubing

Casing running tool (CRT)

Designed for internal grip, make up with required torque with the casing string and run the pipe into the well by simultaneously performing rotation, reciprocating and circulation operations.



  • Reducing the number of personnel involved in casing running process
  • Fast execution of repeatable operations
  • Lack of hydraulics
  • Increased speed of casing running
  • Reduced operating costs


  • The ability to rotate and reciprocate the casing and liner reduces friction in the well
  • Self-energizes when twisting, as well as when lifting, to prevent slipping in any application
  • The internal dies are designed to ensure maximum contact with the inside of the housing, which eliminates slippage or deformation of the housing or dies

Casing running tool

Casing running system


  • Volant CRT
  • DrawWorks CRT

Hydraulic power tongs


  • KT20–50K
  • 14” CLINCHER & 15” LOCKJAW Backup
  • KT8625 & 8 5/8” CLINCHER Backup
  • KT5500 & 6 1/4” CLINCHER Backup

Torque measuring system


  • McCoy MTT

Hydraulic power units


  • McCoy DPU660-05
  • McCoy PU2500E24



  • HYC
  • HYT
  • YT

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